B Coins

B Coins  

B Coins is our limited in-game currency and there are only 21,000,000 coins which are distributed on the server to players by mining them with Miners or Farms which are purchased through the business shop. There is no other way a player can receive B Coin unless it has been mined/farmed, purchased from the exchange from another player, or was won by a bid in a B Coin Auction.

B Coins can be used to pay for instant building on all businesses and upgrades.

B Coins can also be sold or purchased on the exchange between players.

  • B Coin Distribution

There are a total of 21,000,000 B Coins in the game.

The B Coin distribution describes the number of users in each of the 5 ranges (0-10) (10-100) (100-1,000) (1,000-10,000) (10,000-100,000) and (SERVER) as the total coins held in each range with the percentage of the total supply for all users in that group.

The SERVER shows the remaining B Coins that are available for mining on the SERVER and are not yet held by any players.



Green Energy

Green Energy is required for your B Coin Miners and Farms to be operational. If you do not have enough green energy production by building the solar panels and wind turbines, you will not be able to mine or farm B Coins as they will stop mining since there is not enough energy. You can see your production and usage by tapping on any solar panel or wind turbine on your land. [IMAGE]

Each B Coin Miner requires 5 Green Energy

Each B Coin Farm requires 50 Green Energy.

To purchase a Green Energy building, tap on the Home button, tap on the Buy Businesses Icon and then tap on the Green Energy tab.