Business Shop

To navigate to the Business Shop – first tap on the home button on the lower right and then select the Business Shop icon. [ADD IMAGES]

In the business shop you can purchase businesses, miners, farms and green energy buildings. After you tap the Buy Now button you will be redirected back to your city land where you will be able to place your new business.
You will be charged for your business purchase only after you place it on your land, so if you decide to cancel before there will be no UZD taken from your account funds.

Daily Profits

Your Max Daily Profit is the maximum amount of UZD, B Coins or Contract Items that your businesses, miners, farms and the contract agency can produce in 24 hours.

Each business has its own maximum profit capacity depending on the current state of the business upgrades. It takes 24 hours from when the profits were last collected to reach that maximum profit capacity.

In order to see the maximum 24 hour business profit you can tap on a business on your land, then tap the See Details button and scroll down to Business Info.


You can also collect your current profits at any time by tapping the Collect Now button at the top of your Business Details page. This will refresh the capacity and the 24 hour profit will reset.

Selling a business

To sell a business go to the business details on the business you want to sell and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, tap the Sell Business button and then tap confirm. [ADD IMAGES]

A business would be sold for only 50% of the total business value which includes all of the upgrades and locations that have been purchased on it.

Selling a business will automatically cancel all contracts with that business and all locations for that business will be destroyed. If a business is currently participating in a job bid or it is in the process of completing a job, you will not be able to sell that business until the bid is over or the job is completed.