Contract Items

The contract items are produced by the contract agency only and they allow you to sign contracts with other players and participate in the job bids.

  • Contract Agency

The Contract Agency produces contract items which you can see in your wallet at the top of your screen [ADD IMAGE]

You can collect the contract items once they are produced from the Contract Agency’s Business Details page.

  • Signing a Contract

To sign a Contract with another player you must first enter the Business Details of the business that you want to sign the contract from.

Then tap on one of your available contract slots which will show you a list of suitable players and businesses you can sign a contract with.

The next step is to choose the player from the list and click on the Continue Button which will open the contract details page.

If you want to sign the contract you have tap on the Initiate Contract Button or you can cancel by tapping on the Discard Contract Button.

Once you have initiated the contract offer there is a waiting period for the player you have chosen which will have to accept your offer for the contract to become active.

Each contract offer will require one contract item from each player.

You can sign contracts only between businesses that are from the same level except the Global Token Center which can initiate contracts with all businesses in the game.

  • Contract Profits

Signing a Contract with another player will earn you additional profits every time the other player completes a job with the business that they have signed a contract with you. Your profits will be 20% from the total job profit of the other player upon completion of a job. The player that completed the job DOES NOT lose these 20% from their own profit. This is also the case when you complete a job with the business – the other players that are in contract with you will receive 20% from your completed jobs, but you will not lose the 20% that are paid to them from your job profits.

  • Contract Profits

To collect your contract profits you can open your home button and tap on the Contract icon. Then go to the Profit tab and tap on the Collect All button.

  • Active Contracts

While in the Contracts page you can tap on the Active tab which will show you all the different players that you have signed contracts with. If you wish to see a more detailed list for individual players you can tap on the See Details Button corresponding to that player.

  • Pending Contracts

While in the Contracts page you can tap on the Pending tab which will show you incoming and outgoing contracts that have not been yet accepted or declined. A pending contract will be automatically declined after 24 hours from when the contract offer was sent.

If a player does not accept your contract offer within the 24-hour period, your contract item will not be returned to you.

  • Cancelling Contracts

If you are not happy with your contract profits from any player, you can cancel the contract with them by going to your business details page – in the business where the contract has been signed with and cancel your contract anytime you like. When a contract is canceled you will not get the Contract Item back.