You can see your taxes at the Bottom of your Enterprise Details page. To pay your taxes you tap on the Pay Taxes button and to open the Taxes page you tap on the See Details button.

Taxes are generated every 24 hours after you have last collected your profits.

Taxes are equal to 10% of the profits that you have collected.

After you have not paid your taxes for more than 48 hours your Collect Now button on the Enterprise Details page will be no longer active, any managers you have will no longer collect your profits automatically and your synergy bonuses will be deactivated. You can still collect your profits by tapping on the Collect Now button in Business Details for each individual business that you own. Once you pay all of your late taxes the Collect now button in Enterprise Details, the Manager and the Synergies will be unlocked again.

In the top right corner of the taxes page you have an Auto Pay button.  When activated, all of your taxes will be paid automatically.

In the Taxes tab you can see all of your unpaid taxes, the date when each tax was issued, the amount that needs to be paid and the profit that each tax is attached to.

In the Tax History tab you can see the same information as in the Taxes tab for all of the taxes that were paid previously.